Responses to the work in performance

"Assersohn's composition is a masterpiece, with so much to offer in its drama, its accessibility, its vivid portrayal of what lies behind the poetry, and its sheer beauty. The work as a whole (or perhaps a selection of some of its sections) will surely be attractive to choirs, their directors and their audiences."
Dorking Advertiser

It was a great honour to be present on so memorable occasion; we were both overwhelmed by the magic of the whole thing. My wife in particular , who had not known what to expect, was stunned.

An extraordinary piece of music. I'm so proud to have been a part of it, and I can't wait until we get to sing it again!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the concert. It was a beautiful, moving and stirring tribute to all the men who fought in WW1. I found your work very moving and it conjured up a vivid picture in my mind and made me think of all those who lived through it and those that died for us. Congratulations and I hope it is sung again and again.

It was such a great concert, I loved every minute of it. It's a great piece Ian, great writing and really moving, I really hope other people take it up. It deserves to go far.

Many congratulations, a real triumph - a piece with some very beautiful moments and I could see how much your choirs enjoyed singing it.

I was in the audience at Dorking Halls last night and feel privileged to have witnessed the premiere of your work. I was able to follow the 'journey' of a soldier through the piece and was very moved by it. The tension in some movements was relieved by other parts but throughout the work it maintained a sense of respect. I hope that you, as the composer, we're pleased with it too. The choirs sang beautifully and the children were impeccably behaved. With that as inspiration I imagine many of them will be singing when they're old like me! I am sure that won't be the only public performance of your amazing work.
Thankyou for that, it was an evening I will treasure.

It's a fantastic piece; I can't wait to hear it again.

Wonderful. Just marvellous. It was very emotional. I was quite wrung out at the end of the evening.

Thank you for a most memorable evening and a wonderful work! It was a privilege to sing it.

Fabulous concert - awesome composition - brilliance again from Ian Assersohn

it's a wonderful and rare achievement.

It must be an extremely rare piece to have a mixed SATB chorus plus male voice choir and children. I thought that the way you chose which parts they each sung was amazing and how they complemented each other too. You really captured what you set out to do in terms of representing musically the different elements caught up in WW1. The military, the home front and the innocence of the children that all those young men had been only a few years before their deaths. We so hope that one day we can get the chance to sing it and that other choirs take it up so that we can hear another performance.

Ian your brilliant new work is absolutely magnificent!!! We enjoyed it so did the rest of tonight's audience, judging by the standing ovation you received and totally deserved!!

Thank you for the privilege of singing your Dies Irae – I find it both deeply moving and rewarding to sing. Your choice of texts for the Dies Irae, and its structure, musicality and composition, are original, accessible, engaging and moving to both performers and listeners, and it was lovely to hear it all come together last evening.

My husband and I were privileged to be at the World Premiere of your wonderful cantata. I would like to offer you my sincere congratulations on this wonderful and stirring piece, which is indeed (in my opinion) a unique contribution to the litany of classical musical of this genre, in our country. The fact that the subject was so very apt at this moving time of the commemoration of the horrific Battle of the Somme, made it to me (a historian and long-time student of the First World War) all the more ‘real’; and to many of the younger generation (many of whom were of course there) it was an important ‘lesson’, via your music, that they will never forget. So thank you so much.

Congratulations for your beautiful World Premiere of Dies Irae. I have never been in a choir before but really enjoyed the experience and feel privileged to have been a part of your creation and to witness your creativity, hard work, attention to detail and sensitivity in the piecing together your work of art. My wife said it was amazing and a lady walked up to me in the reception afterwards to say how moving and heartfelt she found the performance. Thank also for allowing me to be a part of it.

I knew I was going to be taking part in a very special event, but could never have anticipated the depth of feeling the composition would evoke. As I entered the public corridor I was greeted by the words ‘Oh thank you that was wonderful, just wonderful’ The lady who spoke had clearly been very moved & was rather tearful. I simply replied ‘thank you, we're delighted you enjoyed it’. She continued "I started weeping quietly about halfway thru” - whereupon she put her arms around my neck - hugged me & her tears just flowed again! Whilst this was totally unexpected, it again brought home to me, you had created a profound, beautiful & moving composition. One I was proud to have taken part in & hopefully, at some future time would sing again.

Congratulations on a truly magnificent concert. A triumph. It was spectacular how you arranged the choir and the soloist to come in and out and blend together, it was truly remarkable. It was like a musical jig-saw puzzle how you put it all together. I don’t think anyone had the imagination to have seen beforehand the flower that was about to burst into bloom in the final evening performance.

Thank you for a beautiful, imaginative journey through poetry and music. Dies Irae was so moving; I was there with the men at The Somme. The use of the three choirs magical.

Absolutely loved it. So moving.

What a fantastic piece. It'll be a travesty if this is not to become a national favourite

What a wonderful evening. Dies Irae was amazing.

A truly moving work.

What a fantastic evening, a wonderful piece of music you have written. Thank you for the use of poetry and music in this very moving piece.

It is now two weeks from the first performance of Dies Irae and I am still thinking about it- a wonderful, moving and truly fitting commemoration with such beautiful music. I would love to hear it all over again and hope other choirs will take on the challenge though I doubt there will ever be a finer performance. Thank you so much for your vision. It was one of those evenings we will be talking about for many years to come.

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