Bringing this work before the public for the first time was a major undertaking for the commissioning choirs, and so a sponsorship scheme was created, inviting the choir members, with their families if desired, to support the project. That they so happily did so is a wonderful testament to their great generosity and enthusiasm, for which the committees and I are extremely grateful. I would like to extend my personal thanks to all those who supported the project, some of whom wished to remain anonymous.

Many thanks to those who have generously sponsored individual movements: The Triantafillou Armitage family; Peter Horsfield; Jim and Liz Cruise, Ann and Alistair Napier; Owen Rowe, Tony and Angela Rowe, Liz Hall, James, Victoria and Jonathan Rowe, Nick Hall and Alison Thevendra; Terence and Diana Halfpenny; Pam and Charlie Holme; Oskar Orlygsson and Robin Brown; Jan and Phil Rouse; David and Christine Bates; Charles Wood; Helen and Les Hereward; Alison and Graham Hunt; Lynne Gillespie; The McCaffry family

Many thanks are also due to these sponsors for their generous support: Alan Ferne; Bernard and Diane Marley; Bob and Jane Butterfield; Chris and Frances Westbey; Colin Davies; Godwyns Onwuchekwa and Justin Inniss; Gordon Rodgers; Graham and Sheila Hill; Joan Stocker; John Marr; Malcolm and Linda Brown; Martin Trenaman; Maurice Buckley; Michael Barber; Norman Cameron; Ray Bishop; Sarah and Andrew Murphy; Tony, Carole and Laura Dunn; Vince Freeman; Robert Blows; Jo Davies; Judith Le Grice; Heather Anstis; Peter Robson; Lesley Newman; Deirdre Medland; Brian Richardson; Amberley Stone Pearn