Ian is happy to except commisions from all types of performing groups, and for all types of works.

If you are not used to commissioning composers it can seem a daunting and risky prospect, but in reality it is neither. On the contrary, it can be, artistically and emotionally, a very rewarding experience for all concerned.

Groups commision new music for all sorts of reasons. For example: to mark a special occasion or anniversary; to fill a gap within a planned programme; to give the group an exciting project; or just to show the group's support for contemporary music.

Financially too, it may be less expensive than you fear. Even if the group's reserves aren't quite up to the taks of funding a new commission there may well be external sources of funds, such as grants from trusts, as well as fundraising opportunities within the group, that can help considerably.

The cost of a commission depends on the length and complexity of the work, and is open to negotation. As a rough guide, for a choral score composition fees start at about £50 per minute of music.

To discuss your requirements, with no obligation, contact Ian on