Ionian Mass

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A joyful celebration of science and the natural world in five movements, borrowing from the traditional form of a mass setting, but using a new, secular text by the composer.

The work's title refers both to the Ionian islands which, in the 6th century BCE, were at the heart of a revolution in thinking about nature, as well as to the musical "Ionian" mode.

Scoring: Mixed voice (SATB) choir (with some divisi) and piano.

Duration: 20 minutes

The five movements are:

  1. Mercy. A view of earth from space: slow, stately music.
  2. Glory. The wonder of the universe; a joyful movement.
  3. Truth. A statement of belief in the rational and the pursuit of knowledge; musically simple and direct.
  4. Sun. A raw, almost pagan, hymn to the sun as earth's source of power and life.
  5. Peace. A plea to the crew of "spaceship earth"; gentle and calming.

Click here to go to the Ionian Mass website, where you can hear the complete recording, view the score and much more.

As well as the vocal score you can also purchase a CD of the work below. The CD also includes three of Ian's shorter works - Soles Occidere, O Death Rocke Me Asleep, and Mary Bateman

Ionian Mass was premiered on November 24th 2018 at a concert in West Malling, Kent by Vox Populi conducted by James Meaders.

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