First Time Bars - a choral singer's handbook

Written with the amateur chorister in mind, and based on Ian's extensive knowledge of choirs and choral music, this is a highly popular handbook for choral singers.

Packed with information to help you get more out of your choir time, First Time Bars is an invaluable handbook for every choral singer.

First Time Bars is also available as a eBook on the iBookstore

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"As someone returning to Choral singing after many years I was looking for a good book that showed me the basics and this is the one, just perfect. Assumes no prior understanding and then takes the reader through Music theory (just enough), singing posture again just enough and there are is even a background to the various choral types of music and history. Highly recommended." - Amazon reviewer

"This is a 5 star book. It's very user-friendly, and not stuffy or complex. I've been singing in choirs for several years, but not able to read music, and I have no previous musical background. It's perfectly pitched in style and complexity. I think it's really going to help me enjoy a greater ability to sing with my choir. I thoroughly recommend this book. Keep it in your choir music bag! The index is very extensive too so easy to look something up quickly." - Amazon reviewer